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TRICK 3D partners with global brands and agencies, turning their commercial spots into 3D magic. Our studio works from concept through delivery, here are a few of our favorites...



Real Estate VR


TRICK 3D generate virtual model homes for use in real estate. Our flagship VR product, Floorplan Revolution, transforms any floor plan into a fully interactive virtual space. These homes and spaces can be experienced on any VR headset, including Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR and Oculus.

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floorplan revolution

VR For Brands


TRICK 3D places the world’s best-known brands into virtual reality (VR). From launching a branded VR platform, to the creation of engaging VR and AR content, our studio crafts experiences that engage, solve problems and generate brand loyalty.

branded vr

VR Games


Mattel's ViewMaster and Google Daydream now make VR experiences more accessible to everyone. TRICK 3D makes virtual experiences for both play and education, such as our Ears the Astronaut experience -- an original kids game that features custom animated characters, spaceflight, lasers and more.

kids vr


An Elf's Story


TRICK 3D, along with Big Canoe Entertainment, took on the task of visualizing the essence of the true spirit of Christmas. The team built a 3D virtual world and developed characters who would allow audiences to fully experience the wonders of the North Pole. The creators of "The Elf on The Shelf" book, CCA&B, entrusted TRICK 3D to concept, script, board, animate and deliver this memorable story into a high-end, 3D holiday special to be shared with millions. "An Elf's Story", directed by Chad Eikhoff and produced by Tara Burtchaell, is the perfect example of our passion for taking a drafted idea, and turning it into magical reality.


Behind the Scenes


The award-winning children's book "The Elf on The Shelf" has resulted in an amazing journey for its authors. After receiving tremendous positive feedback from the book's distribution, as well as being listed in the Wall Street Journal's, USA TODAY's, and Publisher's Weekly's best-sellers lists, the mother-daughter team of CCA&B decided to take "The Elf on the Shelf" to the next level. The holiday special, "An Elf's Story", is viewed as a project of passion, and the development of this special represents the totality of that passion.



TRICK 3D is an immersive content studio specializing in 3D animation, 3D asset creation and management, and virtual reality. With deep roots in commercial and original 3D film production, TRICK 3D’s capabilities include virtual worlds and sets, character animation, photo-real renderings and visualization, stereoscopic 3D and much more. TRICK 3D partners with the world’s best-known brands and agencies to create experiences that engage, solve problems, tell stories and generate fan loyalty.
Chad Eikhoff / Founder / Chief Creative Officer

Chad Eikhoff serves as founder and chief creative officer of TRICK 3D, specializing in the creation of virtual worlds through 3D animation and virtual reality (VR). Drawing upon his roots in original and commercial film production, Chad and the TRICK 3D team focus on creating memorable, high-quality virtual worlds and sets, leading-edge AR/VR/MR content, experiences and platforms, as well as character animations, photo-real visualizations and more. Chad has produced and directed several originals – most notably the hit animated holiday special, “An Elf’s Story.” At present, Chad applies his creative energies to partnering with Fortune 100s and entertainment leaders world-wide, including AT&T, CBS, CNN, Delta Air Lines, Turner Broadcasting System and others.

Chad Eikhoff


World Building

World Building

Virtual environments and world-building is a core capability that has grown out of TRICK 3D’s roots in creating photorealistic architectural visualizations.

Character Animation

Character Animation

Character is the one constant in all great storytelling. Thus, TRICK 3D is honed in on building strong character development for all of our projects.

Production Process

Production Process

Our nimble workflow allows us to easily adapt to any project's scope, creative aspirations or technical demands.




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