Atlanta-based 3D Animation Studio, TRICK 3D, Heralds Holiday Season with An Elf’s Story™

Holiday Special Lands No. 1 TV Series Spot on iTunes Five Years Running

Atlanta-based 3D animation studio, TRICK 3D, is ushering in the holiday season with a new milestone for its animated Christmas special based on the wildly popular “Elf on the Shelf” tradition. For the fifth straight year since its premiere, “An Elf’s Story” has once again landed the no. 1 spot on iTunes’ top television seasons list. The makers behind the film also recently inked a multi-year deal with Turner Broadcasting to air “An Elf’s Story” on TBS and Cartoon Network. The networks will show this new holiday classic several times during premium timeslots alongside other timeless TV classics such as “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” Continue reading “Atlanta-based 3D Animation Studio, TRICK 3D, Heralds Holiday Season with An Elf’s Story™”

T3D Goes Big With Lego Star Wars Spot!


Chad Eikhoff and Torey Haas of TRICK 3D were in New York City last month for the unveiling of Lego’s top secret project and couldn’t wait to share it with the world. On May 29th, 2013, TRICK 3D, with the help of Cartoon Network, aired the unveiling of Lego Star Wars’ Life Size Lego X-Wing: A two and a half ton model made with over 5 million Lego blocks and a wing span of almost 45 feet! After many long hours and a little movie magic, the commercial aired nationally to a great response and serves as a testament to the friends and professionals we have in both Lego and Cartoon Network. Take a look at the commercial for yourself, and stay tuned to hear about our next exciting project!

Behind the Scenes

TRICK 3D made this lovely behind the scenes video of how those crazy kids at Lego built such a massive model: The Star Wars X-Wing Fighter! Courtesy of Cartoon Network.

An Elf’s Story airing on CBS

“An Elf’s Story” is airing on CBS again December 14th at 9:30 PM! Chippey the Elf and TRICK 3D are back in style after the Thanksgiving Day Parade and looking to spread some Christmas cheer!

Chippey Flys High Over New York City

Chippey has flown over New York City and soon elves in every household (once they’ve been named!) will be flying their way to the North Pole! Get into the Holiday Spirit and don’t miss “An Elf’s Story” re-airing December 14th on CBS!

Hasbro and Cartoon Network Times Square

Hasbro and Cartoon Network were a treat to work with in Times Square for the upcoming Stuff Squad! After the Halloween festivities tonight, we go into the Holiday Season with great new opportunities and fantastic new relationships!