Virtual Reality Los Angeles (VRLA) Spotlights “Zayden’s Wish”

On Saturday, May 5th at VRLA 2018, the “To Saturn, and Beyond!” panel will share “Zayden’s Wish,” the story of how seven-year-old Zayden Wright became the first astronaut to “land” on Saturn. In addition to Chad Eikhoff, director and founder of TRICK 3D, panelists include Veronica Sheehan, COO for Make-A-Wish Georgia; Capt. Meredith Kirchoff, director of public affairs of the 22nd United States Air Force; and JB McRhee, senior manager of product for HTC Vive.

“Zayden’s wish challenges us as creators to go beyond what we know and what is currently, and instead think bigger to what could be” says Eikhoff. “Zayden’s Wish set a high bar for VR and using it to inspire, and it’s that inspiration and that story that we’ll bring to the audience in LA.”

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